Please download Happy Pet's Service Agreement. Prior to Service, fill out and return Happy Pet's Release Form.

Service Agreement

Release Form


30 min visit (dogs–potty break‚ fresh water‚ food‚ meds‚ play time‚ and of course‚ LOVE) (cats–scoop litter‚ water‚ food‚ meds‚ playtime‚ brushing‚ scratches‚ whatever they will allow)


Walk in neighborhood for a potty break and to get a little exercise & fresh air. Will walk as scheduled unless there is inclement weather. (this includes extreme heat or rain)

Overnight In–Home Sitting

Will stay in Pet’s home for their comfort. This allows your pet to stay in their own environment with their familiar smells‚ eating & sleeping habits‚ potty space‚ all that they are used to. Added benefit: you don't have to concern yourself with scheduling departure/arrival times to accommodate pet care. They can relax in their beds when you leave and they will be waiting for you when you return!!

Taxi Service

We provide pickup/drop off service for your pet. Great for vet or groomer visits. (does not include waiting)

Key Lockout Service

Locked out of your house? Forgot your key? We can let you in at a fraction of the cost to call a locksmith.